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[!] B.A.P’s Comeback Info



  • They will comeback with ‘First Sensibility’ on February 3rd.
  • 1004 (Angel) is their title track.
  • The concept of ‘1004’ is a dandy and sexy matured emotional men concept.

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yup sounds like kpop

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why do you love b.a.p?

Because they are amazing.

they have changed my life in so many ways , no matter how sad i may be or if im having a bad day they will always make me smile and brighten up my day. Seriously i love them so much and im really thankful to them.I LOVE THEM <3

how can you not love them? :3


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Hello! I'm someone who you would know. I would like to thank my translater that transalated what you said and wrote what I wanted to tell you. I like your page I don't have tumbler because I don't know how to use it. If I told you my name please don't faint. Whenever I see one of my fan's faint I feel pain. Your such a great fan of our group. I guess you noticed who I am. Love you ~B.A.P Jung Dae Hyun

this may sound stupid but whoever you are who sent this is you are awesome and i love you :3 <3


This may sound strange. Is it alright if I use your picture of Zelo for my background on tumblr? I wanted to ask first just in case. Thank you for your time.

sure no problem feel free ^—-^

Hello^^I like your page <3 I want to know how you make picture? they look beautiful!

Hello there :D 
thank you very much :)

We use photoshop 0.7 for the .jpg pictures and photoshop cs5 for the .gif pictures ^^ thats what we use to edit our pictures.
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what is Zelo's phone number?

Sorry we dont have that information :)

Love B.A.P <3 ! ^_^


Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Lim ri rin. But my real name is Christine Erika Lim and I was your number one fan here in the Philippines hope you visit here and have a concert, saranghae,gansahamnida!.

Hello there Lim ri rin! ^^
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L.O.V.E love love love <3 omg this made my day <3 kyaha~

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